Invited Speakers

James Buckwalter, UCSB, “Sources of RF Intermodulation Distortion in Silicon Photonic Modulators”

Charlie Kuznia, Ultra Communications, “Fiber Optic Transceivers with Integrated Optical Time Domain Reflectometry”

John Mazurowski, Penn State, PA, USA, “SAE Fiber Optics and Applied Photonics”

Stephen Ralph, Georgia Tech, “Gain, SFDR and NF for Analog Links with with Arbitary Transfer Functions”

Adam Rutkowski, AFRL/RWWI, “Photonics for Munitions Applications”

Rick Stevens, Lockheed Martin, “AIM Photonics RF Analog KTMA Project Status”

Andy Voizey, AVOptics, “Do Recent Advances In Repair Technology Make It A Viable Alternative to Replacement Strategies?”

Ming Wu, UC Berkeley, “Silicon Photonic Switches”

Weimin Zhou, Army Research Laboratory